Samsung J700- need free software to sync phone

  jazzy moo 03 Dec 09

Been using Mobiledit but unfortunately the free trial has come to an end....Need to be able to find software that I can back up text messages on the PC...Have done a search but very few work with my phone. Any suggestions?

I know O2 does Bluebook but in case I change providers in the future I do not want to lose it all....


  PP321 10 Dec 09

If its that important, get your hand in your pocket and support the people who spend thier time writing these programs.

  jazzy moo 10 Dec 09

I would if I had the money, but unfortunately being long term ill doesn't pay...

  PP321 10 Dec 09

Its £11.90 ! , i dont know ANYONE who cant afford that.

It is available "cracked" from various websites when i looked but i cant condone that.

  jazzy moo 11 Dec 09

Well we have managed a temporary fix....

and sometimes people can't always afford things like that and I am not a bluger as you seem to suggest.....I have and do pay for some things for my computer.

I asked for advice and to receive a reply that is accusatory such as yours is very disappointing. I have always received such helpful advice from this forum and this is a real shame that you feel the need to take your issues out on me.

£11.90 might be a small amount to some but it goes a long way to me.....

  PP321 11 Dec 09

I apologise if thats how my responce comes across, thats not how it was meant.

I had an occation where i needed a specific piece of software for my phone, i, like yourself (and most other people) would rather have it for free (who wouldnt?) and then i found a company selling EXACTLY what i'm looking for so i didnt hesitate to purchase it.

Whilst not wanting to sound patronising, my point is, Yes £11.90 may not be much to most people, but if its something you really need, and it does the job, can you not find a way?

  Condom 11 Dec 09

I thought Samsung did software for this particular purpose which you can download free from the Samsung site.


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