Samsung Galaxy Ace Battery Usage

  Scott20 31 Dec 12

Hi Guys

I bought due to my budget a smasung galaxy ace phone in the knowledge the battery is a negative aspect as I am charging 2to3 times a week. I'm only a light user just calls, text, web, photos etc.

I read somewhere to alleviate this issuse it's advisable to download something called android smart killer or something like that. Is this effective and are there any other tools to free up battery use?

Would be grateful if you could advise best approach.


  Zak 31 Dec 12

You can limit battery use by switching off: Use wireless Networks; Use GPS satellites; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; reduce Display Brightness to minimum. If and when required you can then enable what is required and then to remember to switch it off again after use. Finally it is also worth making sure that after using any applications, you check and turn off any running active applications when phone is in standby mode. Finally ensure the display switches off after a minute or so of non-use.

AFAIK the tools will only just do the above.

It is worth downloading the following app:

Battery Widget which gives you % of battery power left.

  QuizMan 02 Jan 13

You're lucky to only be charging it 2 or 3 times a week. I have the same phone and it is almost daily and that is being careful not to use wireless, GPS or bluetooth unless I have to. I rarely use the internet either, but I do make heavy use of e-mails so I supose that is where the usage goes.

I agree with Zak that Battery Widget will help to identify power usage. Sorry but I have not tried the app you mention.

  jemyclarke 09 Feb 13

Every people who have used smartphones, they have Battery usage problem but here you have shared that you are charging your mobile 2 to 3 times a week. It is really great because you are not playing some games in your phone. You just use your phone in normal usage.


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