Samsung camcorder-VP-DC163i-heavu duty battery.

  sikefula 09:05 31 Aug 06

Hi folks,

I have just bought the above Camcorder but was not very impressed by the battery life, e.g.,it lasts only about 20 minutes of normal video taking before it runs out-quite a shock compared to my previous Sony one which would run for hours before running dry!

Now then,could anybody advise me where I can get some HEAVY DUTY batteries compatible to my camcorder-I have tried 'googling' for this without much joy at all.

Thanks-the battery model is -SB-LSM80

  sikefula 09:07 31 Aug 06

sorry for another typo...

  sikefula 10:19 31 Aug 06

I believe the my SLM80 model means its an 800mAh one...if one was to go for the SLM160=1600mAh,does this mean its double the battery run-time-sorry am not familiar with mAh terminology.

...also,will the more powerful alternative not damage the Camcorder,somewhat?


  siouxah1 15:20 31 Aug 06

click here

You might like to look at the above for compatable batteries for your camcorder.

Regarding your question on using a higher rated power battery.
No it will not damage your camera. The camera will only draw the power that it requires.
Yes, if the mAh of a battery is twice that of the one that lasts 20 mins then you will get twice that time. (All things being equal.)

I have used the above company and find their response good and fast.

Do check that the battery will fit, see handbook, as the higher capacity battery will be larger.


  siouxah1 15:22 31 Aug 06

When I say larger I refer to bulk. The actual fitting footprint and connection will be the same.


  anchor 19:27 01 Sep 06

"NOTE:- This is NOT a higher capacity version of the SBLSM80".

click here

  oresome 20:36 01 Sep 06

If you've literally just purchased the camcorder, the battery could develop a higher capacity after three or four discharge / charges.

The site suggests around 90 mins running time which is way off your experience. Take it back to the retailer if there's no improvement after trying the above.

  sikefula 15:05 02 Sep 06


Your link is offering a totally different battery in terms of size,capacity etc-certainly not compatible with my Samsung camcorder'

What I meant was something like this below:as yu can see the size/dimensions are exactly the same with the LSM80,difference is this one have double the capacity at 1600mAh

click here

  sikefula 15:06 02 Sep 06

the confusion for me-lol!

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