Right Angled Fig8 Mains cable?

  claireb2 14:56 PM 25 Aug 10

Hi All

Hopefully someone can help me with my problem

I want to fit my new flatsreen onto a wall but the mains connection is a standard fig8 cable. This means the TV will not sit properly at the angle I need for the best viewing position. Does any one know where I can get a right angled fig8 cable from? Thanks.

  wiz-king 15:13 PM 25 Aug 10

Not sure what a fig8 lead is but my tv uses click here

  onthelimit 16:45 PM 25 Aug 10

Think those are known as 'kettle plugs'.

  BT 16:51 PM 25 Aug 10

This is a Figure-8 cable

click here

can't say I've ever come across a rightangled one
Thee correct name is IEC C7

  morddwyd 20:53 PM 25 Aug 10

Try CPC or Maplin.

  Confab 21:54 PM 25 Aug 10
  Confab 21:58 PM 25 Aug 10

Or this one which is arted up to 10A

click here

  Confab 21:59 PM 25 Aug 10

arted = rated

  claireb2 10:35 AM 26 Aug 10

Thanks Confab

The Yung-Li ones are exactly what I need.
I put YL-13L into Google and got this

click here

I phoned them and they say they only deal with businesses but for this cable, and the down angle, they will sell me one as their distributors don't want to hold a European cable in the UK.

Thanks again.

  Confab 12:14 PM 26 Aug 10

Thats good news.

I've had a quick look at the drawings and it says 2.5A. Just make sure that this is a high enough rating for your flatscreen otherwise you'll risk the cable catching fire!


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