Resizing a JPEG Image

  freaky 22:08 17 Jul 07

I have a photo that I want to upload to a Forum, it's 3.27MB in size and JPEG. The photo is of a car bonnet air intake which cools a Turbocharger.

The forum has the facility for uploading, but the image of the photo is too large and needs to be resized.

Would appreciate how I can do this without detracting from the detail of the photo.

  brundle 22:36 17 Jul 07

Irfanview click here

  Strawballs 00:41 18 Jul 07

This is the one I use when resizing for things like avatars click here very easy to use.

  freaky 09:56 18 Jul 07

I downloaded PIX resizer and was able to upload the photo OK.

As you say it's very easy to use, and leaves the original photo intact.

  Stuartli 12:20 18 Jul 07

That's a very large .jpeg file...:-)

  freaky 12:31 18 Jul 07

Hi Stuarti, yes it is large. After resizing it and clicking 'Properties' it was 88 KB ! And the photo is just as good.

  Minkey1 12:35 19 Jul 07

I thought I'd just chip in. Within an XP picture folder, there's an option File/Resize Pictures. The original can be retained "as is" if required. For re-sizing for uploading/emailing etc, I've never seen the need for third party applications ?

  antony17 13:02 01 Jun 10

Try to use this picture resizing tool click here It works well!

  Chas49 16:53 09 Jun 10

FSViewer and FSResizer are also good programs and are free!

  antony17 12:58 13 Jun 10

Try to use this picture resizing tool click here It works well!

  anchor 13:40 13 Jun 10

The link from antony17 sounds like spam; you don`t need to pay for a resizer.

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