Recording to HDD

  Boo2001 15:14 09 Nov 07

I have a Pioneer DVR 440HX and just bought a Sony 40" Bravia. The whole setup works well apart from recordings from the TV to the hard drive. The reception is poor. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please. The setup work perfectly on my previous TV

  100andthirty 18:34 09 Nov 07

Do you mean recording from the tuner in the Pioneer? I assume you have your aerial wired from socket to Pioneer, and then from Pioneer to Sony

  Boo2001 10:06 10 Nov 07

Thanks for your reply, We can record from the TV to the Pioneer hardrive but the picture quality is poor.
We also have the wiring as per your comment

  100andthirty 17:59 10 Nov 07


I still don't understand.

1. Your TV has a thing that converts the aerial signal to a picture and this is called a tuner.

2. The Pioneer has one too. Normally, you would record TV programmes on the Pioneer using the tuner in the Pioneer.

3. You probably can use the tuner in the TV and then wire it via one of the SCART leads into one of the AV or aux inputs.

I am assuming you are doing (2.). Next, what is the nature of poor quality? Dark?, Streaks?, Blocky? poor colour or what?

  Boo2001 17:33 11 Nov 07

The picture quality is streaky. That is, pale blemishes all over the picture
To record all I do is program the pioneer to record programs either manually or by pressing record. I have always done this and until now everything has been fine.

  MCE2K5 18:07 11 Nov 07

Could be the arial, Mine went a few years ago (The Plastic black box on top of aerial where the cable is attached, Had perished and copper had corroded and snapped).

  100andthirty 19:45 11 Nov 07

Are these blemishes present if you watch TV through the Pioneer's tuner or only on the recorded pictures? I'm worndering if you've accidentally set the record quality to a lower setting to minimise space used by each programme (or it might do it automatically, mine does!)

This might be mentioned in the depths of the manual

  Boo2001 10:54 12 Nov 07

Many many thanks you were right. the recording levels had moved (not guilty) What an awful manual, you need a degree to red it. Thanks again

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