Recommendations for a recordable DVD player

  Lord Isleworth 15:36 31 Jan 06

Our video has died and teleport tv only seems to show bbc stuff so can anyone give me a steer on dvd players that record as well. Is there a few formats? has one become the standard? if I have up to £150 are there any worth getting at present. I saw the Samsung DVD-R122 got good reviews, anyone recommend one? any help appreciated.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 17:09 31 Jan 06

Does it have to have the facility to record to removable media?

I only ask because telewest will be bringing out their TVDrive nationally soon (I think) and it may be worth waiting for that?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 17:11 31 Jan 06

if you really want a DVD recorder I have a panasonic which I have had for about 4 years and I have no complaints whatsoever

It records to -r and RAM. RAM is easily the best.

  paddy75 18:12 31 Jan 06

You should consider a DVD recorder with built in hard drive.Paddy

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:16 01 Feb 06

Cyberhome DVD1600, German made. Records to CDRW and has all the bells and whistles. Plays anyhting that you chuck at it and can be converted to all regions in 20 seconds. Got one at Xmas and very pleased with it. Around £68 at Asda...superb buy and no need to spend over £100 on arecorder.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:17 01 Feb 06

...that'll be DVR here


  Lord Isleworth 10:27 01 Feb 06

Many thanks for the replies, I think at the price for the cyberhome it's worth getting one, thanks Gandalf for the info. Out of interest What dvd's do you get to record on it. Can I get dvd's that allow you to re-write over them again and again or is it better to get 50 cheap ones and chuck em when full up? Also what's the set upo like, it would just be a tv, dvd recorder and telewest. Should that be straight forward as i always find it a struggle sorting out what goes where :-/

  De Marcus™ 11:00 01 Feb 06

I suppose you can use both types, dvd+r's for stuff you would like to record and keep and a couple of dvd+rw for things that you'd like to record whilst your not in, watch, then erase, ready for the next time.

  Lord Isleworth 11:02 01 Feb 06

Cheers - as you can see not too up on the technology :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:17 01 Feb 06

You can use DVDRWs or Rs. I use cheapo DVDRWs and they are fine. The player is half the price of most other recorders and if it goes AWOL Asda are v.good on the refunds. I still have my original Cyberhome DVD player and I was so impressed woith the build quality that this swayed my decision to buy another Cyberhome. If you do buy one I can send you the hack to all is V.simple.


  bloodknock 17:25 01 Feb 06

I have been very satisfied with the Liteon LVW 5045 obtainable from Amazon. For lots of info see user forum @ click here


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