Receiving other satalites on sky receiver?

  ANORAK_IAN 20 Dec 11

If I wanted to use my Sky satalite receiver to receive other satalites than astra, what would I have to do (besides turn my dish or add an lnb)?
Re tune my reciver?

  natdoor 21 Dec 11

It is apparently possible to get some channels from other satellites using a Sky box. Click Here enter link description here. For serious viewing from other satellites a free to air box is recommended.

There will almost certainly be problems with the Sky dish. The target area for other satellites is mainland Europe so the signal level will be low in UK, usually requiring a larger dish. To continue being able to receive Astra and anoter satellite with one dish you will need offset LNBs and receiver controlled switching between them.

  ANORAK_IAN 21 Dec 11

Thak you for the link, very helpful.

  dms_05 23 Dec 11

A Sky Receiver can be used to receive other channels from other satellites provided things like bit rate and FEC are handled by the Sky receiver. You simply go to the 'ADD CHANNELS' feature in the menu and enter the details. However you will also need to move the dish and as already commented the Sky mini-dish is on the small size for multi satellite reception. I've used a 60cm dish across Europe (an 80 cm might have been better) but as it was a motorised installation on my motorhome I didn't have much option.

Generally the majority of English language programmes are already on the Astra 28 degs position but some foreign stations dual radiate some programmes in the local language as well as the original language (ie American) so you can source material that way.

A cheap FTA receiver might well be easier to use than Sky receiver and can be bought very cheaply if you shop around. Aldi and Lidl occasionally offer these for about £30.

  ANORAK_IAN 23 Dec 11

Thank you for the info.

  wiz-king 25 Dec 11

Loads of info read this lot and you wont need TV for months!


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