PVR or HDD recorder

  adamagain 23:00 21 Dec 05

Not sure which I need as ive been told different things

I want to record programs from my sky box via scart lead to my DVD recorder
I know i can just write to the dvd disc direct from the sky box

but i want to first record them then if they are ok record to dvd disc
I was told you cant use PVR's because they don’t allow recording on them to be run out as they don’t have a scart out and you have to just keep them on the hdd

So do i have to buy a DVD with built in HDD or do some PVR have scart out

  Troubleshooter 14:51 23 Dec 05

Of course a PVR has a Scart out socket. How would you watch a recording otherwise.

  anchor 18:33 23 Dec 05
  adamagain 21:33 23 Dec 05

Thanks anchor

troubleshooter if you cant help or give advice dont bother to reply
i ask a simple question because i didnt know the answer
i know they have scart out but didnt know if this will send a signal to a dvd recorder or just a tv

  Troubleshooter 13:46 24 Dec 05

If you bothered to read any instruction books for any of the units you mention, it should be crystal clear what connections are required.
It's common sense really, as was my original reply.

  anchor 17:08 24 Dec 05


How could adamagain read the instruction books when has not yet bought any equipment. He just wanted some guidance.

The scart out will supply a signal to record on a DVD or VHS recorder, or play direct to a TV.

  kev d 18:38 24 Dec 05

People post to these forums in order to obtain help and advice. You should have the decency to treat those unfortunate enough to lack your obvious expertise in such matters with a degree of respect and understanding.

  Troubleshooter 23:51 24 Dec 05


  Nickmax59 22:57 28 Dec 05

Last year I bought a pioneer DVD HDD recorder, it took me several hours to successfully connect it to a Toshiba TV and Phillips Digibox. Nothing is straight forward. Even after reading all manuals thoroughly ( Several times) It was trail and error that finally won through.

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