Putting all my Oranges in one basket

  Ben 216 19:28 11 Feb 07

Hi all, can anyone tell me from experience how good Orange broadband actually is, and if the Live Box is as good as it sounds like it should be?

I currently have a very reliable 1 Mbps Pipex connection through a Netgear wireless router, but am considering moving it to Orange where I can get mobile phone package, 8 Mbps (realistically ~3 Mbps in my area) & free calls to 01/02 numbers through the Live Box for £35/month; saving me £200+ per year!

  tonyq 13:10 12 Feb 07

I have been with Freeserve/Wanadoo now Orange Broaband.I had problems setting the livebox up with many calls to Wanadoo as it was then called. They ended up sending me a new Livebox which so far as been O.K. That was about 2yrs ago. Please have a view at the following site,for the problems/help some people seem to have with Orange.
click here

  Ben 216 13:42 12 Feb 07

Excellent Thanks.

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