Pure Evoke 2 S DAB Radio Battery screen indicator & Uknown Light

  Audio~~Chip 20 Jul 13


Does anyone in the forum happen to Own a Pure Evoke 2 S and is familiar with it please.

Just taken delivery of my new Pure Evoke 2 S DAB radio from Amazon. I also purchased the 1E Chargepak for this radio.

I had it on with the mains and noticed there was no indicator for the battery level on the display. I powered of the Radio to charge the battery which its now doing but still there is no indicator on the display it is charging.

Second question: there is what looks to be a Light on the button panel at the lower left. What is this for ? This light does not light up unless it is for another reason.

The Poduct manual does not cover either of my above questions.

I am trying to conclude if there is a fault with this radio I have.

Cheers & thanks in advance should you be able to help. I have also checked the Pure Support website out.


  BRYNIT 20 Jul 13

You could try contacting Pure via there web site CLICK HERE who will hopefully give you a quick answer.

  Audio~~Chip 20 Jul 13

Thanks Brynit

That seems the only way, I have found out since posting that you can set the display to show the battery level on the screen but this takes away the what i call the ticker tape display. Not that i will be reading that.

But more importantly is the battery level indicator when its switched off and on charge

Oh, and what does that light do on the bottom right of the control panel next to the knobs and buttons.

Cheers Steven

  Audio~~Chip 23 Jul 13

Thanks Lazurus the 2nd again, always has the knowledge ! Excellent.

Thank You !

Was it you who was helping me with Dubbing on my Sony RDR-HXD995 HD Recorder ? last time I tried it took me 5hrs to dub a 2hr film. Shurley it can be a quicker process?

Cheers Steven.


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