Problems With Second Hand Sky+ Box

  Kauly 16 Jul 13

I have recently acquired a second hand sky+ box. A white Pace 80Gb DV3 model TDS470N. It has no remote or viewing card, but when connected to the twin leads from an active dish, it powers up and displays some FTA channels. I only want to watch and record FTA channels so my questions are :- A. will any Sky+ remote operate this unit allowing access to all functions or does it have to be make & model specific ? and B. Do I need a sky viewing card to access & record FTA channels : If so, Where do I get one?, how much are they?, and how long do they last? Thanks for any help. Kauly

  morddwyd 16 Jul 13

Not only do you need a Sky card, but you need a Sky subscription.

A Sky+ box will not record or play (or pause etc.) even FTA channels.

A Sky card will simply allow you to watch live, but I'm not sure how you get one.

  Kauly 16 Jul 13

Good to know ! It only cost me a quid so it's probably going in the bin Thanks for the heads up. Kauly

  alanrwood 17 Jul 13

I concur with what morddwyd says. Without a Sky subscription and card it will act simply as a FTA live satelite receiver. All other functions are crippled. If you want a remote do a search on Google as it might turn up a multi use one eg an All4One item.


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