Problem sync'ing HTC G2 Touch with Facebook

  DANZIG 28 Aug 11

I recently did a factory setting reset on my phone, as shown in the title. For some reason my stored phone numbers went AWOL - but, I thought, no matter - the majority of them are on Facebook anyway, it'll just sync up with it and all will be well.

No. This has not happened. For some reason, the phonebook on the phone isn't sync'ing with my facebook account. The photo's bit is, IE when I select the photo's part of the phone, it can access my Facebook chums' photo's.

I've tried various things over the past few days. All to no avail.

Can anyone help??

  Woolwell 29 Aug 11

Have you fixed this? If not have you opened applications, settings, accounts and sync found Facebook pressed it and checked whether sync contacts is ticked?

  DANZIG 30 Aug 11

I've tried everything. The solution you mentioned was one of the first I tried.

Interestingly enough - there are two 'facebooks' in the Accounts and Sync area of the settings section (Facebook for HTC Sense, and just Facebook). From what I can see, the HTC Sense one is synced, whereas the other one isn't.

When I press the other one, absolutely nothing happens (thats in the bit where it says 'add account')

I'm at a loss. I've uninstalled various things - re-installed them. Nothing appears to work!


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