Problem getting photos from phone

  bluesbrother 21:24 22 Oct 07

Hi. I'm sure there must be a simple solution for my problem, but I can't suss it.

I am trying to get some prints from photos taken using a mobile phone. No bluetooth and IR didn't work. I eventually got them on the PC using a data cable from EBay.
I transfered them from the PC to a memory card and they were taken to a photo booth for printing. Unfortunatly the machine refused to find them.

These are the properties from one of the shots.

Format JPEG
Pixel Size 640 x 480
Color Depth 16.7 million colors
File Size 63 KB

I've tried resizing them and changing the format using Camedia Master.

Any help would be really appreciated.

  bluesbrother 21:37 22 Oct 07

I forgot to say, no access to a printer and no money to buy one just now.

  silverous 12:10 23 Oct 07

were they in a subfolder or did they have odd names? Were there any instructions on the booth about photo format? Sounds like they should have been fine to me. I presume you can view them fine on the memory card from your PC?

  bluesbrother 16:55 23 Oct 07

Hi silverous.
No and no. They were copied straight onto the card and the names are straightforward Picture1.jpg, Picture2.jpg and so on. My partner took them to the shop and she got the assistant to try as well. He came to the conclusion the card was empty though they show up on the PC.

I put a few more files on the card and put it into my camera to check the card. The new additions show up fine when I browsed the card but there was no sign of the shots from her phone. I tried another camera with the same results.

  alberto520 09:26 06 Nov 07

You can browse the pics on your own phones but cant be distinguish on ur friend's and also the printing?that's ur meaning?
That's 2 surprise!makes me lost.
It seems there were somrthinger wrong with ur USB data cableclick here ?But it works well on ur PC?
SIM cardclick here also works well on ur own phone!OMG.
Just forget it!Let solve it on aother way!
IMO,I suggest you store ur pics into ur E-mail first,the download them in the shop 2 print them?OK?

  bluesbrother 17:54 06 Nov 07

I put them on a cd and got them printed from that alberto520.

But I still can't suss out why they don't show up on any camera I have put them on.
Its the little things that bug the most.

Your right about those cards. I use a 1 gig micro sd card in my phone and camera.

Cheers for your time.

  DieSse 01:02 08 Nov 07

The reason is probably this -

There are several slightly different jpeg formats. Most cameras (possibly all cameras) use exif format.

I expect the machine expects cards recorded by the camera, and so doesn't recognise a none exif format file.

Read here click here

  bluesbrother 18:09 08 Nov 07

Cheers DieSse. That makes sence, and hopefully, someday, your link will to.

  bluesbrother 00:16 14 Nov 07

Knew I'd forgot something.

Thanks folk.


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