Pro 4GB SDHC 133x speed OK for Panasonic FZ3

  Ex plorer 23:04 11 Aug 10

I am looking at a Panasonic's dmc FZ3 for a backup camera.
I have the opportunity to purchase a 4GB HSDC card of 4GB 6x speed and battery as a Kit.

I bought a card some time ago and its Lexar Professional 4GB SDHC 133x speed / 20MB/sec.
Could I fit this card to the Panasonic FZ3.

I cant find any info as to what maximum speed you could use although all options in the pack are rated at 6x speed.
The 4GB 6x works out at £10 with the kit.

  Ex plorer 23:18 11 Aug 10

Should read Class 6 speed (Not rated at 6x speed)

  BRYNIT 23:37 11 Aug 10

Panasonic web page for instruction manuals click here I would suggest looking through the manuals for the correct camera to check what the max mem it will take.

If it is the DMC FZ3** model it will only take up to 1GB cards

If it is the DMC FZ30 model it will only take up to 2GB cards.

  Ex plorer 00:07 12 Aug 10

So sorry BRYNIT its the FZ38.

  Ex plorer 00:21 12 Aug 10

So sorry BRYNIT its the FZ38.
I see its been superseded now for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45 but its a fair wad of cash more.

  BRYNIT 00:54 12 Aug 10

The FZ38 will take SDHC Memory Card (4 GB to 32 GB)The Lexar Professional 4GB SDHC 133x is a class 6 card and will work with the camera.

  Ex plorer 01:06 12 Aug 10

Many thanks for your time and help on this.
Very much appreciated.

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