Practika digit mcamera problem

  conrail 23 Sep 09

in May 2007 I purchesed a Practika digital camera so slightly out of warranty, today I took a photo, using the camera not the memory card unfortunately, when trying to put in the USB connector into the camera, the connection on the camera has been pushed right in so I contacted Practika for advice and have received an unhelpful email stating the following "It sounds as though you've broken it!", I know I am not a genius but I had gathered that, the problem is I need the photo taken today from the camera, anybody any ideas on what I can do, all help and advice gratefully accepted.

  ventanas 23 Sep 09

Can you not insert a memory card and copy the photo to it from the cameras own memory.
There should be an option in the menus for this somewhere.

  conrail 24 Sep 09

thanks ventanas but there is no option to copy, just had an email from practika asking me to send it back, I did ask for an estimate regarding getting the photo off or even repairing it but they just said send it back

  Stuartli 24 Sep 09

If you need the photo today why ask for an estimate regarding getting the "photo off" or "even repairing it"?

Practika digital cameras used to be re-badged models from Taiwanese company Milton Optical Company, but I don't know if that's the case today as I've been unable to find a website for Milton.

  conrail 24 Sep 09

thanks for replying Stuartli, although the photo is very important, I don't want to pay a fortune just to get it back, I want an idea on what it will cost, I have also emailed local companied to get a quote

  conrail 24 Sep 09

there is the option of taking the camera apart and trying to connect the usb lead to the camera, depaends on what damage has been caused

  BRYNIT 24 Sep 09

Some cameras allow you to copy pictures from the built in card to a memory card. check you instructions manual.

  conrail 24 Sep 09

thanks BRYNIT but copy is not one of the options on the camera menu or in the manual, I have been quoted £80 to £100 for a repair, camera cost £99 so repair is not an option now but it would be great if I can recover the photo

  Stuartli 24 Sep 09

That's exactly why I asked your reasons for such work when you needed the photo the same day..:-))

Can you get a pair of slim tweezers into the aperture that houses the USB socket and pull it out?

You may then be able to reconnect the USB plug and lead.

  jack 24 Sep 09

Like as not Practika will simply replace it FOC or offer to replace it for nominal fee- these things do not get repaired.

Before sending it back you could try to pull the slot out as suggested - but it is likely the thing has broken off the main board.
As for the important picture?????

  Demora 25 Sep 09

Depending on the 'Important Picture' If you have a DVD recorder attached to the tv would it not be possible to connect the camera to tv and view on screen, copy to dvd recorder and then Finalise dvd.

Take to pc, and using DVD software take a capture of the Photo.

I don't know if this will work but IF it was me I'd gigve it a shot At least I'd have a copy of the photo, even if the quality isn't as good.



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