Poor o2 reception at home on Iphone

  numskull 30 Sep 10

Been getting, "No service" at times. Went through settings with o2 helpline and all seem to be ok.
Got 3g on, WiFi on, CND on, data roaming off. Carrier is set to automatic.
Do I just have poor reception? Neighbour said he is on Vodafone and gets poor reception.

  sunnystaines 30 Sep 10

maybe the local transmitter is down and the poor signals are from the next nearest transmitter.

ask o2 to check it out.

had this scenario with "3" once and they were unaware the local transmitter had failed till we reported it, apparently these faults appear quiet often and they rely on customers reporting them.

  numskull 30 Sep 10

The helpline seemed to think there were no outages.

  sunnystaines 30 Sep 10

you need to ask them to check the signal from it, rather than be fobbed of by we think its alright.

call back and asked have they checked the signals, you might have spoke to a divvy person on his first day at work.

  numskull 30 Sep 10

I've e-mailed them and they claim it is a good signal for my postcode!

  sunnystaines 30 Sep 10

try in the garden and upstairs may be the walls in the house are dense or your road is in a dip.

  numskull 30 Sep 10

The road is in a dip. I can get 3/5 bars but when I try sending a text the network drops out! It drops to one bar then, "no service". My neighbour is on Vodaphone and says his reception is rubbish even the radio reception is bad.
Should data roaming be switched on or off?

  sunnystaines 30 Sep 10

not sure on data roaming mine is off, you will have to wait for someone with more knowledge to answer.

but the dip in your rd looks like the problem

  numskull 30 Sep 10

Thanks for your help sunnystaines. Looks like I'll just have to live with it.

  numskull 01 Oct 10

I've noticed that the reception drops when I switch on WiFi or 3G.

  sunnystaines 01 Oct 10

is the phone new or old may be faulty


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