Pls help with cabling of TV/SAT/DVDR/Cinema Sound

  textheowl 02:47 04 Jan 08

I want to connect my TV to my surround sound system, sky box and dvd/video recorder and wish to be able to record from sky whilst watching another channel.

The TV has 3 scart sockets and the sky and dvd/video recorder both have 2 scart sockets.

Currently, I can record from the TV until I switch the sky box on (the dvd recorder and sky box are now both switched on) which "overtakes" the scart connection into the TV, and doesn't allow me to set any recording channels.

Hope someone out there can help me out.


  esbe 16:25 04 Jan 08

have a look here

click here.

scroll down to 'cables, interconnects. connections'


  STREETWORK 16:45 04 Jan 08

Have you connected the sky box to the recorder using a scart? if not do it...

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