Please recommend me some rechargeable batteries.

  Dipso 14:31 19 Dec 06

I posted a few days ago about a problem with my camera and the battery indicator always showing my batteries as flat.

I've now replaced the camera and guess what...the new one is doing the same!!!

As this now points to my batteries (which incidentally work fine in my Sat Nav!) I would appreciate a recommendation for a decent brand of rechargeables, AA at least 2300.

  Pamy 14:47 19 Dec 06

What does the new camera recomend?

  Dipso 14:52 19 Dec 06

Good question...rumages for instructions...

  Dipso 14:58 19 Dec 06

Power source -

Primary Battery: 2x AA Alkaline
Rechargeable battery(0ptional) :

* Included battery may vary depending on sales region.

Not very helpful. I got 2x Panasonic Industrial alkaline with it.

  Pamy 15:10 19 Dec 06

you now nead someone to help you find the equivalents to the No's. (try google).

Or a good camera shop like Jessops

  Diemmess 15:23 19 Dec 06

I believe NiMh batteries rather than NiCad batteries will last longer in your camera between charges. They apparently don't develop a 'memory.'

I have had several dealings with click here which is a company bear Bristol.

Their prices are keen though perhaps not rock bottom, but their big advantage to me is the huge range of stock.

You can browse through and find almost anything I've had replacements for an obsolete electric drill and a peculiar size of sealed lead acid battery for a bargain-basement torch.

  siouxah1 16:07 19 Dec 06

click here=

Have a look at the above. I use the 2700mAh. You should also look to your charger. If you get an inteligent one this will switch off the charge when complete. (Detects peak voltage.) The timer type needs a bit of calculation for time. These from the same place.


  hzhzhzhz 23:39 19 Dec 06

I've had the same set of Energizer batteries for the last 18 months. They have been charged many many times and they are still going strong. They are used in my canon camera.

  Binnacle 15:00 20 Dec 06

This is a great charger click here

  Arnie 18:43 20 Dec 06

Hi Dipso.

I remember your earlier posting about your problem Kodak camera.
How much time do you spend viewing the LCD screen?
Unfortunately many new digital camera models do not fit an optical viewfinder. This produces more demand on the LCD screen.

I would certainly recommend the use of high capacity NiMH batteries.
Other users here have offered good advice on these and also suitable chargers.

Presumably you bought the Samsung Cyber 530 on which you were obtaining a good deal.
I hope with the recommended batteries and judicious use of the LCD screen, you reach a happy conclusion.


  golfpro 09:21 29 Dec 06

Also if you leave rechargeable batteries in the camera for any length of time without using it, They will discharge. If you are not going to use the camera for say a couple of weeks, take them out.

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