please help with my Samsung note N7000

  habs2habs 23 Jan 13

good morning everyone

please i need your help.

i have Samsung note N7000,and is working perfectly well.the only problem i have ,the vibration intensity is too low.

i went to setting>sound>vibration intensity>everything full.

i put the Samsung in my belt clip pouch. Everytimes my boss called me i can't feel the vibration from the phone,which i put in the belt clip pouch.

3 days ago my boss needed me so urgently,he called me 10 times,i couldn't hear or feel the vibration from the phone,because i was outside in the street.than my boss became very angry from me.

my wife have iphone 4s,the vibration of the phone was so good.

i installed so many application from (google play) about the vibration intensity apps.none of the apps was good enough.

please ,can you tell me how to have very good vibration intensity app to download for my phone.i can pay for the app if the app is very good.

the android version i have is 4.0.4

please i hope to hear from you very soon

have a very lovely day

my kindest regards habs

  habs2habs 03 Feb 13

hi everyone

that is me again,still waiting for your help and reply please.

i am really so annoyed from the (low volume and low vibration) of my Samsung note.

i tried so many apps,but none of them are good enough.

example: my wife tried to call me 6 times today,i couldn't hear the phone or feel the vibration of my mobile phone.

please is there any app which i can download to make me feel the vibration and the volume of the phone.

i hope to hear from you very soon

thank you so much in advance habs


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