Playing a Panasonic blu-ray player/recorder through PC/monitor

  Lataxe 31 Dec 11

Is it possible to play the HDMI signal from a Panasonic blu-ray recorder/player Freeview TV PVR into a Windows 64 PC so that the TV picture appears on the PC's monitor (a 30" NEC) and the TV sound plays through the PC's sound card & attached active speakers? Would Windows Media Player or similar play the Panasonic HDMI output? Is there a suitable physical connection method?

I currently use an internal Freeview TV tuner card in the PC which records & displays the TV programmes very nicely, but.... the associated software (especially the remote control software) is often flakey; guide+ (to start/stop timer recordings correctly if the published programme times change) is not supported; and there is no Freeview HD support on my tuner card nor blu-ray recorder/player in the PC.

I have used a Panasonic Freeviw HD recorder/player elsewhere (with a Panasonic HD TV)and been very impressed. I want to replace the PC tuner card & flakey software with this Panasonic PVR so I can enjoy Freeview HD channels and reliable remote & timer operations. But I can't find a PC board or box that will support the HDMI connection of Panasonic PVR into the PC.

Will there be issues with the copy protection stuff associated with HDMI?

Thanks for any clues or advice you can give.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Jan 12

Sounds complicated and expensive to put HDMi into a PC

  Lataxe 01 Jan 12

Mr Bat,

Thanks for that link - I had seen this card and several like it but they seem to be aimed at video re-edit rather than mere signal transfer. Still, I suppose it might be an option if a less expensive solution can't be found.

In theory I should be able to plug the HDMI output of the Panasonic player/recorder directly into the DVI-I input of the NEC monitor, as the NEC manual says it has an HDCP mode to handle protected content from DVD players and similar. (The sound could go via the Panasonic's analog audio output sockets direct to my active speakers).

However, I couldn't get the Panasonic HDMI output to show on the NEC monitor via an HDMI-to-DVI-I cable. Perhaps, though, I'm being dim amd not setting the monitor correctly; or maybe the cable is not configured as needed; or maybe some other technical signal mismatch occurs.

Any further advice from anyone who has managed to get an HDMI DVD/blu-ray player connected to a DVI monitor would be gratefully recieved.

Meanwhile I have asked Panasonic help service on their website for advice. I am not that hopeful, though, as the site seems most concerned to sell one more stuff (as you'd expect I suppose).


  sergiuvas 29 Feb 12
  Lazarus The 2nd 29 Feb 12

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