Playing .jpg files on TV

  lm 10:14 19 Nov 05

I have a lot of .jpg pictures from a digital camera on my computer, which has CD/DVD burner.
my wife wants to display these as a slide show on the TV. How do I go about this ? I guess I will have to buy a DVD player !

  siouxah1 12:12 19 Nov 05


There are three ways that I am able to watch jpg files on my TV. All three require a DVD player or stand alone recorder.

Method 1. You require a DVD player that will play jpg files - see specification of player before buying. Write your jpg files to DVD and place in player. It should 'see' the files and play them for you. (A straight copy process).

Method 2. You will require a DVD player that is compatible with the type of DVD you intend to write on you PC. You will require some software to write a slide show to DVD. This DVD placed in the DVD player will give you a slide show. I use 'Ulead picture show', but there are many more. Your writer software may already be capable of doing this.

Method 3. This is a little more expensive. You require a stand alone DVD player or recorder that has a slot designed for camera memory cards. This method depends on whether the DVD will take your particular memory card. The Panasonic that I use also has a slot for PCMCIA adaptor that will take most cards.

Of the three methods I would suggest that method 2 is the way to go. I hope this broad outline will set you on track. I'm sure others will have more info.

Regards Brian

  hssutton 13:13 19 Nov 05

There are other ways, such as the Delkin eFilm PictureVision.
You can view digital camera pictures, watch MPEG I & II video or listen to MP3 music directly on your TV. Sandisk also make one, both are priced at £40.

However the DVD route must be the best and cheapest, there are numerous on the market at £25-£30.

As for making a slideshow, again there are numerous software packages available including freeware, just google for them. My favourite and after trying out many different ones is ProShow Gold. IMO the best out there.

  lm 08:54 20 Nov 05

Many thanks for the info', I will purchase a software package and a DVD player.

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