picture needed

  wolfie3000 22:20 21 May 08

Im after a picture of a model any will do,
Basicly one around 900 x 900 pixels or higher on a neutral background.

Female or male, preferably a head shot,
Iv googled alot of stock photo sites with no luck.

Its just im learning a few photo editing techniques and need a good sized picture of what i described to practice on.

So anyone got any???

  BT 07:54 22 May 08

Can't you just take a picture of someone, even yourself, if you want to practise photo editing.

Alternatively there are several good Digital photography magazines with CDs which have excellent tutorial videos. They usually include the pictures that they are demonstrating on so that you can have a go at the techniques yourself. Its well worth the £4 or £5 for the magazine as there is a wealth of excellent advice on photo editing.

  silverous 11:12 22 May 08

Switch to google images and search for:

"model head shot"

(in quotes)

  wolfie3000 16:01 22 May 08

Thanks to both of you,

believe me iv searched google, flickr and a load of other sites.

As for video tutorials in magazines, well theres more than enough on youtube, google ect....

Also theres alot of good advice in many photography forums and sites.

  David4637 16:35 22 May 08

The best mag is Digital Photo with videos to show you how to do and the image to practise to achieve the same result as the video demo ing it.
£5 per month, but is mainly geared up to Photoshop - the best imaging software you can use. David

  BT 16:51 22 May 08

I agree. I take Digital Photo magazine and have for many years. I have nearly all the Video Cd tutorial Discs and very good they are too.
Their new website also has a lot of information including Video tutorials.
click here

  silverous 18:59 22 May 08

You say 'any will do' and that you've googled - well how come I fouund a load then following my very suggestion? Are you sure you've chosen the google 'image' search option not just used normal google search?

  MAT ALAN 19:22 22 May 08

click here

good luck...

  wolfie3000 05:38 24 May 08

Thanks for all the suggestions,
I had a friend and fellow forum member help me out with this website.

click here

It had all i needed. and the picture resolutions are incredible.

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