Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4

  A&D 16:34 13 Oct 07

I have just bought and installed the above bundled programs. My advice to anyone thinking of doing the same is "hold off". PhE 6 especially is full of bugs and omissions. The help files do not work in either program and the pdf help file for PhE 6 which I have downloaded from Adobe differs from the installation I have. I have left PE 4 installed but I have had to revert to PhE 4 to keep my sanity. The Adobe forum is full of complaints. Anyone else found any solutions?

  HenryVII 12:09 08 Jul 08

I've been trying to find a good photo editor, for amateur use, and I read the two reviews of PE6 in PCA. One says it's great, the other says it's not so great. I've used Serif Photoplus 11, but I didn't really get on with it (never mind the constant unwelcome phone calls from Serif to sell me more).

Reviews, I suppose, are based on short-term tests by the reviewer, and can't match the experience of "real" users. I suspect I shall continue reading reviews while never actually buying anything, which at least gives me 100% discount.

  A&D 14:55 08 Jul 08


In the end I persisted with PhE6 used together with PE4. I have now come to terms with its various quirks and do now recommend it - especially using the two programs as they integrate together. However the Help menu still does not work on either program and there have been no updates to resolve this (strange!!). I have downloaded the pdf files for both user guides and keep these open when using the programs in case I get stuck. I also found the Adobe "Classroom in a book" for these programs helped quite considerably. Good luck.

  ^wave^ 19:03 15 Jul 08

i use a couple of editors serf photoplus 8 and zoner 8 also for quick fixes picasa each prog is good at different things as far as i see not yet tried any online editors which may be th eway forward

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