Photoing Text with digital camera

  Ex plorer 16:34 17 Jan 08

Hi As I havent moved with the times and gone digital just yet with a camera I do lack the knowledge of it.
I am sure I saw an advert for a Soft ware programme for a PC so that you can take a photo with a digital camera of a book and print it out and it will De crinkle or take out the bow of book if opened in the middle.
Sods law I cant find it now, question is, is this a better way than using a hand page scanner of the pocket type.
Has any one used this program.
I remember the software was in the region of £75.
Or did I imagine it.


  Stuartli 16:37 17 Jan 08

I would just put a reasonably heavy piece of glass on top of the book and photograph the page(s) directly.

You may need to take care that the glass doesn't reflect light and spoil the shot(s).

  amonra 17:11 17 Jan 08

Scanners can be bought extremely cheaply these days, especially if all you want to do is copy text, practically any cheap scanner will do the job, hardly worth the effort of setting up a camera on a tripod etc. Have a look at EBuyer.

  Pineman100 17:49 17 Jan 08

A scanner would certainly be a much better method of copying text. Quite a lot of them come with free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, that would enable you to convert the text into an editable document. Even if you don't want to edit the text, this is a much more efficient way of storing the files - Wor documents are generally much smaller files than, say, jpegs.

Just bear in mind the copyright ramifications of copying books.

  Pineman100 17:50 17 Jan 08

Sorry - that should read "Word documents...."

I wish we could edit our entries on this forum!

  Demora 01:01 18 Jan 08

I use Both a scanner and a digital camera for text. I also use ReadIris Pro 10 for OCR

I take a photo of maybe a poster ad for something whilst out. then download to PC. Paste into readiris and save as a PDF. I can then download to my mobile phone a Nokia N95. Saves having my handbag full of bits of paper etc.


  Diemmess 10:33 18 Jan 08

Scanned or photographed the "picture" needs a good OCR application.

Long ago I was able to buy an upgrade for Omnipage at a huge discount.
The only requirement was some OCR program already installed.
In fact I believe it was a marketing ploy to sell at any cost.

My Omnipage v.12 is very smart, will make sense of distorted or upside down text automatically.

Omnipage is now in version 16, but a search around will find bargain offers - try this.
click here

  Ex plorer 13:35 18 Jan 08

Thank you all for the input.

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