deckertc 05:22 23 Jan 06


  PaulB2005 09:34 23 Jan 06

Buy a copy of PC Advisor.

  jack 12:06 23 Jan 06

Ditto and a bundle of Digi Cam mags and read all the
reviews and become completely confused.

  PaulB2005 14:42 23 Jan 06

Then buy a Canon printer and be happy.

  rmcqua 15:05 23 Jan 06

I wouldn't necessarily agree with PaulB2005 if we are talking photo print quality (though I accept there isn't much between the market leaders these days) but I do appreciate the way that Canon at least try to keep the cost of their replacement ink cartridges sensible.

  PaulB2005 17:15 23 Jan 06

Also that they use clear tanks so you can see that every last drop is used rather than page counting and forcing you to bin cartridges with ink in them.

Also that the ink head is generally easily accessible and removable for cleaning unlike some brands.

Also that (with the exception of their latest models) the cartridges are unchipped. I use originals and always have with the exception of 2 cartridges when i couldn't get originals, and i hate the fact Canon have now started chipping cartridges - anything that adds to the cost of the cartridges is bad.

I still use an S630 and love it. My mother has a IP300 (i think) and I'd buy one of those if my S630 died. :-(

You can also try before you buy at click here

  ^wave^ 18:18 23 Jan 06

get a hp8250 just the best and cheap in replacement

  hssutton 19:56 24 Jan 06

And also that Canon have now started chipping cartridges for their new printers so that compatables do not work

  deckertc 20:16 24 Jan 06

what is "chipping"? and how can it be thwarted? are the canon cartridges refillable? and why does canon only accept canon paper? what gives anyway?????

  jack 12:00 25 Jan 06

Epsom started it and now Canon Eh!

The 'Chip' on cartridge some how counts the pages passed and decidedsthe cartridge is empty[very often when it is 1/3 remaining- depending on the usage]
It was intended to stop folk buying cheaper 3rd party products.
Well of course the trade responded by Cloning the Che chip -So an Epsom original costing say £12 is replaced by a chipped clone for 2/3rds less
Also there a Chip re-setters to maximize the ink in the cart and also to enable them to be refilled.
And vary very useful utility click here the do lots of things with the cartridge still on board.

  jakimo 00:38 28 Jan 06

no need to buy mags. for reviews:....

click here

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