photo item removal

  podlod 09:50 19 Dec 10

Hi, I have many free photo manipulation software sites also serif and photoshop 5, and what I am asking is, how can I remove a person or an item on one photo and re-introduce it to another photo so that I now have a photo for example with 2 people on one photo but from different photos altogether.
Hope you get my drift, thanks.

  hssutton 10:06 19 Dec 10

use the selection tool of your choice and select the object/person you want to move

Then do Edit>Copy

Open up the image you want to move the selection to and do Edit>Paste.

You will now have your selection in the new image. Now drag the object to the required position.

  podlod 10:27 19 Dec 10

Hi, i wish to remove the actual item by hand with some type of tool, and transfer it this way, i do not think that the edit will do this?

  hssutton 11:02 19 Dec 10

Did you read the first line?

I gave you the simple method there are other ways, but you still need to initially make the selection using the tool/s of your choice, such as the lasso tool, magic wand or the Eraser.

Once you have made the selection. go to "Edit" this is the heading in PS for a number of tools such as "Copy" "Paste"

  BRYNIT 15:25 19 Dec 10

If you are using Photoshop this may help click here

Other tutorials for Photoshop click here

  podlod 10:25 23 Dec 10

Hi, just want to thank you both for your help, and have now bookmarked the Manuel that I need,now have to try and carry out the project, thanks again.


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