photo item removal

  podlod 19 Dec 10

Hi, I have many free photo manipulation software sites also serif and photoshop 5, and what I am asking is, how can I remove a person or an item on one photo and re-introduce it to another photo so that I now have a photo for example with 2 people on one photo but from different photos altogether.
Hope you get my drift, thanks.

  hssutton 19 Dec 10

use the selection tool of your choice and select the object/person you want to move

Then do Edit>Copy

Open up the image you want to move the selection to and do Edit>Paste.

You will now have your selection in the new image. Now drag the object to the required position.

  podlod 19 Dec 10

Hi, i wish to remove the actual item by hand with some type of tool, and transfer it this way, i do not think that the edit will do this?

  hssutton 19 Dec 10

Did you read the first line?

I gave you the simple method there are other ways, but you still need to initially make the selection using the tool/s of your choice, such as the lasso tool, magic wand or the Eraser.

Once you have made the selection. go to "Edit" this is the heading in PS for a number of tools such as "Copy" "Paste"

  BRYNIT 19 Dec 10

If you are using Photoshop this may help click here

Other tutorials for Photoshop click here

  podlod 23 Dec 10

Hi, just want to thank you both for your help, and have now bookmarked the Manuel that I need,now have to try and carry out the project, thanks again.


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