phone uses internet to work but sat nav doesnt?

  trishandtez 05 Jul 10

why can my satnav work without internet connection but my phone cannot? I only update my satnav every few weeks but my phone uses constant internet connection to give me directions whats whats the difference?

  QuizMan 05 Jul 10

Maybe your phone is set up to use assisted or network GPS as well as standard GPS. The former two require internet access, the latter does not. You will need to switch off the first two, but finding satellites is slower with only standard GPS switched on.

Different phones have different methods to do this, so I cannot be more specific.

  trishandtez 05 Jul 10

I have the htc desire and I have tried switching off internet but it says it need internet access to give me directions, thats why I bought it mainly for the gps when out riding on my bike and I must also add about the terrible battery life as well, I am looking into ways of keeping it charged while out and about with no access to a charger

  tullie 05 Jul 10

Have a look here click here

  QuizMan 05 Jul 10

Sorry trishandtez, but I am not familiar with your phone. However, there is a difference between switching off the internet and switching off assisted GPS (or at least it is on my phone, a Nokia). Within my settings, there is an option to set the phone's poistioning method(s). My choices are Assisted GPS, integrated GPS, bluetooth GPS and network GPS. I can choose as many or as few of these as necessary. Personally I just go with integrated GPS but it slow to find the satellites

  AL47 06 Jul 10

I take it you use Google navigation

It needs both gps and inet as maps are not stored on the phine,

Yes gps does chew through the battery.. I still use my standalone sat nav.. I don't think its viable on a bike tbh

  trishandtez 07 Jul 10

yes I use google which is excellent but as I said you need internet so I am going to get an unlimited deal from my network which is £2 a week which isnt bad I suppose, useless having a phone that is dependant on internet to work unless you are going to use it but I will have to still use my tom tom in the car but again the battery unless plugged in will only last about an hour, still at least you can stay plugged in with that when travelling, but thanks for the responses guys, once again a wonderful forum!!!

  preston 13 Aug 10

My main phone is a htc hero, great phone but not so great battery life. The satnav is good, but the satnav on my Nokia 5800 is way way better and no internet to my knowledge, and it's also free. Try it out

  Muergo 24 Aug 10

I too have had a 5800 for over a year, but didn't use the satnav as there is one built into my old BMW, but now Nokia have gone free on the Maps ,Satnav etc, I downloaded it. to save Vodafones cost of £5 a month for their option.

The Nokia without the web connection is a bit slow, but it gets there in the end.

I know satellites should be available everywhere, but i still hit a blank spot late one night near Haslemere on a mass of single track unmarked roads, just when I needed it, but could this be the software?

As to battery life, there are so many cheap imitation batteries for less than £10, that I keep two spares charged up ready to swap over, and there are chargers for in car and on bike should you need those.

The cheap chinese ones last and perform just as well as the branded fancy designed packaged gear, you can afford the whole lot.

I bought a charger and two batteries for about six pounds ages ago (Hong Kong) and they still work fine.

  HXP 23 Oct 10

GPS will flatten my Tomtom in about 3.5 hrs max - it's the same with the phone - it takes a lot of power.

You can either get a spare battery off ebay or theey do a plug in battery pack which recharges the phone for abiut £5.99 ( I got one its fine )

click here

You can alos buy a hi - cap 3000 mah batter to replace the 100 mah battery the phone comes with.

There is also a solar powered charger but I am a bit dubious about those ...

I am afraid a large colour screen, GPS etc all user power.

  HXP 23 Oct 10

Terrible spelling sorry

You can also buy a hi - cap 3000 mah batter to replace the 1400 mah battery the phone comes with.


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