Pc monitor Sky tv solution?

  beatdegree 12:24 14 Sep 06

Im looking to ditch the t.v as ive just got a 19 inch flat panel with p.c so i dont need both.

I need something that will let me hook up my sky+ to the flat panel and let me switch between p.c screen and sky+.

i dont need any recording functions and i dont really need the p.c to HAVE to be on when i want to put sky/tv on the monitor.

Any ideas/help much appreciated


  DieSse 14:53 14 Sep 06

What inputs does the monitor have?

  ArrGee 15:04 14 Sep 06

You will need a hybrid TV card/stick. The output from the Sky + box will be RF Out (either 1 or 2) into the stick with a standard co-ax cable.

  ArrGee 15:05 14 Sep 06

This hybrid stick goes into one of your USB ports
click here

  ArrGee 15:07 14 Sep 06

(Sorry, but as you have probably guessed, my solution only works through the PC and not directly to the monitor)

  beatdegree 18:13 14 Sep 06

Thanks for the reply's

The monitor only has one input, its a dell 19inch flat panel.

Argee, Do you know where i can get one of those sticks and is it possible to have split screen with sky+ showing in a window


  ArrGee 22:50 14 Sep 06

Yes, you can have split screen. You can buy one of these from Maplins. It works very well for me.

  DieSse 23:18 14 Sep 06

You can get a converter, but they are more expensive than ArrGee's suggestion.

Really you should have asked before buying your monitor, because than you might have been better buying a dual purpose Monitor/TV which would have done just what you asaked for, without the need for the PC to be switched on.

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