PAYG with no complications.

  Peter Lanky 09 Jun 10

I hate mobile phones (that's better now that I've got that off my chest).

I have reluctantly owned a phone for a couple of years because I have a business, so could be useful if I am sat in a traffic jam on the M6. Now, business is so bad that I'm unlikely ever to have to near the M6, never mind get stuck on it. My contract with Virgin runs out shortly, so I want a simple PAYG, seeing as I only ever use about 20 mins a month even with making calls I would normally have made with a real phone to try and use up my minutes.

I have deliberately avoided knowing much about phones, but I am aware that I can unlock this phone from the Virgin manacle, though obviously I haven't tried this out. Every time I look at PAYG on t'internet, I keep seeing things about minimum monthly top-ups, but wait a minute....isn't PAYG supposed to avoid the need for monthly payments? I do not text anyone as I don't want RSI or for anyone to think I'm a moron playing with my toy at every conceivable moment, so I could have a million inclusive texts and I wouldn't use one. All I want to do is have a phone on my desk or in my glove compartment that I can top up when I want, which will be very seldom, and forget about it.

Where should I be looking to achieve what appears to be a simple goal?

  alB 09 Jun 10

Cheap and cheerful... click here ...alB

  Peter Lanky 11 Jun 10

That appears to be appropriate. I can't see any obvious catches.


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