PAYG mobile broadband

  Chegs ®™ 08:44 AM 08 Jan 09

I have hunted round several websites for this information (unsuccessfully)

I understand that I would have access to unlimited WiFi from numerous hotspots(McD's,pubs,clubs,etc) but cannot find out if I would still be able to access these free WiFi sites if I had used up my time/data bandwidth.If I buy a months usage of mobile broadband,after the months usage can I still access The Cloud,etc?

  Chegs ®™ 14:36 PM 08 Jan 09

Just been in town & asked Phones4U,their reply was "thats a good question" then went and read all the various offers before answering "I would presume so but you have 14 days trial so if its no good you can just return it"

  G4PJS 14:07 PM 10 Jan 09

Hi, I have bought a Three PAYG Dongle and am trying to connect to click here
It is asking me for my incoming and outgoing servers but I cant access them on the dongle or my Hotmail account.
Any ideas would appreciated.
Thanks, Pete.


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