Passive or active speakers for a personal CD playe

  Cybermaxx 11:11 05 Nov 05

I want to use my personal CD player at work, so I thought I might buy a pair of small speakers for it. Which ones would work best? My idea is to run the lot of the rechargeable batteries in the CD player. Also, what sort of volume could I expect them to produce?

Argos have a pair of passive speakers for £5, and a pair of active speakers for £10

click here

click here

Which one should I go and buy?

  PaulB2005 12:31 05 Nov 05

"My idea is to run the lot of the rechargeable batteries in the CD player."

Then you need the passive ones.

Passive will drain your batteries quicker.

Active need to either 4x AA batteries or a 6V AC/DC adaptor.

For the price there's not much in it. Decide what is the best route for your situation at work and then decide.

  Arnie 13:30 05 Nov 05

Most CD players have only enough output to drive a pair of headphones. (A few milliwatts).

If you want a reasonable amplification, you need to buy a small amplifier with speakers or, an active set of speakers that will include the amplification to drive them.

Don't expect a good quality sound output for around a tenner.

After having said that, if you're only interested in background music to while away the time, go ahead and spend your tenner on the active device.

  Arnie 13:44 05 Nov 05

"Also, what sort of volume could I expect them to produce?"

When you see electronic devices with no spec. shown stay clear.

You will not be disappointed with the following.

click here

This system will give you 2 x 13W rms output from each speaker. At £25 it is a lot better value than the Argos system.

Hope this is of use.


  Cybermaxx 13:45 05 Nov 05

Thank you. If it isn't going to have volume, I may well be wasting my money here. It has to play over the top of some reasonably loud machinery.

Or maybe I'd be better off forgetting about this and just buying one of these

click here

  Cybermaxx 13:57 05 Nov 05

Ooh, £25....... I dunno, I'm a real cheapskate! I only paid £8 for the Personal CD player. I'll mull it over.

  Arnie 14:32 05 Nov 05

OK Cybermaxx, the Mikomi CD-6701 CD Radio will do the job, but you do mention. "It has to play over the top of some reasonably loud machinery".

The Mikomi is only going to give you a max. of 1W from each channel. Driving the output at this max. level will produce quite a bit of distortion.

Have you ever been around a car boot sale and listened to some of the poor quality radios and the like being sold?

If you want reasonable low distortion, you need to run a system well below the max. At these prices anyway.

It's like running a car. If you want to cruise at 70 all day, you need model with a max. speed well above the cruising speed.

I think you are going to be disappointed if you buy on the cheap!

If there going to be used where there is a power socket present which Im guessing there will be if its being used beside machinery, then I would consider a set of PC speakers. You can get a decent 2.1 system for a very low price. Just looking at the Argos site I came across these click here but I'm sure you could find better if you looked at sites such as ebuyer

  Cybermaxx 22:29 05 Nov 05

Dave, that's a good idea! I can only listen to CDs at work for two days of the week anyway. I'll just use my PC speakers. They're only 1 watt RMS each, but that's the same as the Mikomi CD player anyway.

some I've found - click here click here click here click here click here

All the speakers I've listed would work perfectly with a personal CD player - they use the same connection as a PC uses.

thats a solution too as long as your prepared to constantly connect and disconnect your PC's speakers

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