Panasonic TXL-30B TV lost BBC1 on Guide Menu

  Ex plorer 10 Dec 12

I have a Panasonic TXL 42E 30B TV. When pressing the guide button for all stations it wont show BBC1 Digital TV.

The only way I can accesses BBC1 is to press 101 on the pad which shows it as the HD Chanel and I can also view the rest of the programs to follow.

When I first switch on the TV and pressing one on the pad I get BBC1.

If I press the guide button it takes me to the old Analog BBC1.?

I have tried retuning the TV and it shows BBC1 as been found and continues with all other programs, but there is no BBC1 it starts with BBC2.

I have tried an identical Remote control and get the same results even after retuning.

  Bris 14 Dec 12

I had a similar problem with an old settop box. It could store more than 99 stations but could only display 99 presumably because there were just 2 characters assigned to the station number. The solution was to delete a few stations that werent required to take it below 99 and BBC1 and BBC2 re appeared.

  Border View 09 Jan 13

Did you resolve your problem?

The reason I ask is, we have a Panasonic TV with internet access (dont use the internet access very much) and tonight we have No service for ITV3 and channel 31 which is a 5 channel. Retuned and they disappeared from the guide. Strange thing is when I access the channels via a digital recorder they are still there. Strange.

  Bris 10 Jan 13

Border View.

Funny you should mention ITV3 as I have lost it also. I have a Samsung TV and Panasonic PVR and after retuning have lost it on both.

  Bris 10 Jan 13

Re ITV3, seems we are not alone, click here

  Bris 10 Jan 13

Sorry didnt notice the above link was so old, however still seems relevant!

  Bris 10 Jan 13

This link is more recent and has a lot of suggestions click here

  Border View 10 Jan 13

Looks like it might be my transmitter Pointop Pike. Other forum suggests problems overcome so off to do another rescan. Will keep you posted.

  Border View 10 Jan 13

Tele does its own thing looking for new channels. Before I could even click on menu hubby said that a notice had come up saying found new channels click OK to install. Bingo ITV3, QVC, 5* and 5USA are back. Phew, thought the Panasonic was up the spout.

  Bris 10 Jan 13

As a matter of interest I tried a different PVR, same make and model, but on a different aerial and it was OK so I rigged up a masthead amp on the original setup and aerial and now that works ok so in my case it was signal strength that was the problem.

  Border View 11 Jan 13

Ex plorer - have you tried the Panasonic web site and e-mailing their help desk. This might get you somewhere. Why not google "lost BBC1 on Panasonic" and see what comes up.

Hope you get your problem sorted soon.


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