Panasonic TV help required

  golfpro 15:07 05 Apr 07

I have a Panasonic TX-25XD60C Tele. Last week my wife threw the instruction manual in the rubbish bin by mistake. I now need to set the video channel on the TV so that I can install my new Pioneer DVDR 440. Can anyone give me a for a link for an instruction manual download For this model.

  De Marcus™ 17:26 05 Apr 07

Can't find your model number on the panasonic website. Is it typed correctly? Is it an LCD, plasma or crt 'normal' TV. Are you UK based?

  Woolwell 17:45 05 Apr 07

This could be want you want
click here;forward=plist&osCsid=994ab6521cc62cf78a22b48a2faf6964

  golfpro 06:10 06 Apr 07

Thanks Woolwell, I found that one myself but I was looking for a free download. Although I live in Austria The TV is a British model.

  anchor 15:02 06 Apr 07

I am not familiar with either your TV or the Pioneer model. I would have thought you could connect the two using a scart lead, which is a much better method.

  golfpro 15:32 06 Apr 07

I did and works YIPEEEEEE. Thank you.

  thyde9337 08:02 20 Apr 07

You will find the details you require on the Panasonic website here:

click here

I have downloaded user manuals from this website in the past which are PDF copies of the original documents.


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