Panasonic TV hard drive problem

  dougal21 22 Jan 12


I have a panasonic TV TH-P42UT30Z. I plugged in my external hard drive and formatted it with the TV, Set up recording and tested it out. It was great. Then I safely ejected my external hard drive and plugged it into my PC for formatting so i could use it on my PC again however my PC didnt recognise it as a hard drive. It appears in the list of attached deveices but not in the list of hard disk drives so i cant format it!

I went back to the TV it recognised it as a hard drive and I formatted the hard drive again. I then went back to my PC again but no joy it still wont let me use it. Also my PS3 wont recognise it either.

My PC is an Acer Aspire windows 7 64bit.

Please help as i need to use my hard drive again

Cheers Mark

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Jan 12

Your TV probably uses a linux base system and has formatted your drive to ext2 or ext3.

Windows cannot see the drives formatted in ext2/3

If you download and burn a live linux CD knoppix here

boot your PC with the CD and it will run linux which will recognise the drive and let you format it to NTFS which when you reboot the PC (without the CD) bck into windows it will then be able to see the drive.

  dms_05 26 Jan 12

Came across this:

"You have to make the choice – either use as a crippled PVR or use as an external source of media files.

If you register the HDD to the TV you can only do one of Time Shift, or record a watched program. That's it! Crippled PVR.

If you attach the HDD as an external drive you can use Viera Tools to view/play the content – but be aware that the TV can only play back "some" formats – can't recall which – fairly sure eg. that .iso won't work.

On a side issue, the DLNA component is also next to useless. Its a "pull" rather than "push" arrangement so you can't play something TO the TV; rather you access files FROM the TV – if it feels like playing that type of file back."


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