Panasonic LCD TV and Sky tv link

  awest3 28 Jan 10

I have Sky+ HD in the lounge and a SKY TV link running to the dining room.
In the dining room I had an old Toshiba CRT TV which worked fine with the link.

Today I've installed a larger Panasonic 37" LCD in the lounge and moved the 32" one into the dining room and I can't get the link to work (if I switch the Toshiba back in it works ok, so the link seems to be fine).

On the Toshiba I had to switch to channel 6 to pick up the Sky link, but with the new set that's not an option - all channels seem to be used for Freeview. I have tried all the other inputs AV1, AV2s and AV3S to no avail.

According to the LCD manual it should automatically switch to Sky once the Sky+HD is switched does this in the lounge but not in the dining room (on the sky link).

I'm obviously missing something but can't spot it.

Any suggestions on how to solve this would be gratefully received.

  X7-250 28 Jan 10

"all channels seem to be used for Freeview"

there should be an option to access the old analogue channels, on my LG there is a D/A button which changes between digital and analogue aerial input.

  X7-250 28 Jan 10

looking at the online manual, pressing the 'TV' button on the remote should cycle through Freesat/Freeview/Analogue/Other Sat.

  X7-250 28 Jan 10

oops, the manual refers to the 37" TV, not sure what make your 32" is.

  BRYNIT 28 Jan 10

The signal from the Sky box via the TV link will be analogue. Have you tuned the Panasonic TV into the correct analogue channel.

  awest3 29 Jan 10

Thamks for these I'll have a look

  awest3 29 Jan 10

Thanks for your help...the sky link is indeed analogue, now why didn't I think of that? :-)

I've tuned it in and all working ok..

Thanks again


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