PAL/NTSC need I worry?

  jack 19:39 04 Aug 08

I have made a slide show and burned the DVD.
The intention is to send it to Canada which is NTSC
The slide show program [DVDPixPlay] allows disks to be burned either PAL or NTSC
So I set the latter.
Whilst is doing its stuff I thought. will I be able to check the burn?
MY DVD player's book does not mention the standard whether or not it is switch able- so I assume it is PAL.
And what about the PC also?
In the event the DVD player played it faultlessly.
Windows Media player also came up trumps.

So have I new worry?
Is this disc NTSC or PAL or both?
How can I tell?

  User2008 20:24 04 Aug 08

If you set it as the latter then that's what it is. You don't need to worry about Pal or NTSC on a computer anyway, it's more home equipment. Even then all the latest TVs and DVD equipment can play both and are region free.

  jack 08:09 05 Aug 08

Lets hope Canadian equipment is similar.

  theDarkness 00:28 06 Aug 08

the easiest way I would thought was to try any livingroom dvd player that only runs pal (providing you havent unlocked it)! if it doesnt work then its either ntsc or a bad disc! livingroom dvd players have an unlocking code, search for 'unlock dvd player' or similar and you should find a sequence you tap into your player using its remote so it can run both ntsc and pal

  Arnie 11:39 06 Aug 08

Canada uses the same television NTSC M system.

Some old wag once said that NTSC meant Never Twice the Same Colour.

Our PAL and the French SECAM system seem superior.

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