Old camcorder

  egapup 07 Mar 10

Hi, I've got an old Sharp Hi8 Viewcam with several old tapes with priceless family stuff on them, I was going to buy a special lead, to connect it to my PC and put all the stuff onto dvd. If I were to buy a dvd recorder could i connect the cam to it and tranfer the recordings to a disk.
Thanks for looking.

  Kevscar1 07 Mar 10

Depends what leads you have with the camera and whether those leads will connect to the DVD player.

  egapup 07 Mar 10


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Mar 10

How would you normally view the tapes?
Video player?
You can connect scart out on video player to sart in on DVD recorder and record to disk.

  egapup 08 Mar 10

I plug the camera into the TV to watch the tapes, I was hoping to be able to plug it into a DVD recorder and transfer the tapes onto disk.

  BT 08 Mar 10

Most DVD recorders will have the same connections that you use for the TV (red/white/yellow sockets) somewhere. Mine has them on the front under a drop down panel, as well as on the back, which are according to the manual, precisely for the purpose of connecting a camcorder.

So you should be able to transfer your tapes with no problem, just check that the DVD recorder you intend to buy has the appropriate sockets.

  egapup 08 Mar 10

OK, thanks, just wanted to be sure before I buy a recorder.


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