Nokia Express Music 5800 Firmware 40.0.005

  Dellman 02 May 10

I've finally upgraded the software on the Nokia phone, however, I don't notice any difference to the phone. The firmware upgrade is saupposed to add features like kinetic scrolling etc. I've checked the sofware on the phone and it reads as being version 40.0.005. Anything else that I need to do so that the changes kick-in???

  QuizMan 11 Jun 10

I am not sure if your thread has a typo but my phone is running 50.5.005. If that is not what you have, I wouldn't change it yet. My 5800 has suddenly started discharging its battery in a few hours even when I do not use it. There are a number of posts on forums about problems with this update so I would bide my time if I were you.

I complained and am currently waiting for deleivery of a new battery (under warranty) to see if that helps

  QuizMan 11 Jun 10

Sorry. but I have just realised that your initial post is over 1 month old. Have you made any progress?

  Dellman 11 Jun 10

Its 40.5.005 on mine. I had a txt from Nokia to update to latest version and that was what was available. I haven't checked since as to what is now available..but it seems stable.

  QuizMan 12 Jun 10

I have now given up waiting for my battery and have done what a Nokia forum suggested and reset the phone. All is now back to normal using firmware 50.5.005 previously downloaded via OVI Suite.

  Muergo 14 Jun 10

I have had a similar experience with premature discharge on the 5800, but have bought about five cheap ones from different sellers on e-Bay.
I now don't know which one was the original!

Best two last for up to a week and are marked Nokia "made in Korea" and an unknown source N-Power silver colour.

Apart from one in phone, I keep one in pocket wrapped up in polythene to stop it shorting, one in car, one on charge and one for losing!!

All were about £3 or less.

Also extra car and mains charger bundle for £3.50 inc postage. They go in my travel bag so I never forget to pack one.

This solves the problem of a 67 yr old memory losing a marble a day.


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