No sound from bluetooth headphones.

  SabbyNeko 12:01 12 May 15

I have a Galaxy S3 and I just bought a Nokia BH503 Bluetooth headset/headphones. It says it can play music, and I've paired it successfully, but I just can't get music playing. It plays from the phones speakers, instead. I have it configured to handle phone and media audio through Bluetooth, and nothing. I even tried BTmono, but it just made my phone silent.

I can get radio and static if I fiddle with buttons.

  wee eddie 14:26 12 May 15

Are they fully charged?

  SabbyNeko 10:24 13 May 15

Yes, and for some odd reason, it just randomly decided to start working. I didn't change anything, I just turned it on today and it worked. Strange.

Oh well, thanks for reading guys :)

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