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Nikon Digital Camera

  amonra 15:03 24 Dec 05

My wife's Nikon Coolpix 3100 camera has suddenly decided to throw a wobbly just as the Xmas holiday is upon us. I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar problem and knows of a cure ? It switches on from start, the screen lights up, then it switches itself off again. I've changed the batteries, checked for anything obvious, but no luck. I can view previously taken shots but as soon as I switch to the operating position, off it goes ! If nobody has any previous experience, does anyone know where it can be repaired at a reasonable price ? The only other alternative is a trip down to the sales after Xmas. The way prices are dropping it may be cheaper to buy a new one. Merry Xmas to all my readers and a happy new year.

  anchor 16:57 24 Dec 05

From what I have heard the words "repair & reasonable price" are incompatible in this field.

You could try taking your camera into a "good" photo dealer and asking them for an opinion. However, as you say you have changed the batteries, which I assume are new AA alkaline (not rechargeable) type, it seems the problem is not going to be easily resolved.

It is probably bite the bullet time, and a new camera is on the cards. Consider going for a higher pixel resolution than the 3.1 on the Nikon. I really did see the difference when I went from a 3Mpix Fuji to my current 5Mpix Canon.

  oresome 18:28 24 Dec 05

From a conversation I overheard in Jessops regarding repairs, they were talking around £70 minimum before they added the cost of parts.

  amonra 18:37 24 Dec 05

Thank you anchor and oresome for your replies, you have both confirmed what I was thinking. I'll have to be brave in the new year and go bargain hunting with my trusty plastic friend in my pocket.
PS Anybody want a cheap camera ????? needs slight attention.

  anchor 12:49 25 Dec 05

If your budget is limited, good offer at Argos; £85

click here

  anchor 13:17 25 Dec 05

Jessops web specials until midnight Boxing Day

click here

Check their store prices too.

  pauldonovan 22:08 26 Dec 05

..but have you tried updating the firmware? Even resetting the factory settings (if you can) or reloading or upgrading firmware might just get it back into shape...worth a try before binning it.

  anchor 13:17 28 Dec 05

If your budget will run to it, check out my recommendation here:

click here

a super camera.

  amonra 15:10 29 Dec 05

Problem solved, number one son has bought a replacement. Whew !!!!

  anchor 15:57 29 Dec 05

Ah so!

It seems you remember Charlie Chan, and his number one son.

click here

Anyway, have fun with your new camera.

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