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  Dirty Dick 16:08 01 Apr 08

I'm looking for a PVR as we lose our analogue broadcasting next year. I have been looking around but am so confused. I have been into THREE major High Street retailers, and I think the staff are as baffled as me ! I am looking for a BLACK one to match my entertainment equipment, also need one that has a series link, Freeview, Time Slip (I think thats what its called), Twin Tuner, An EPG, and capable of linking to my surround system. I would be most grateful if anyone can recommend a unit, as I am Googling to my hearts content, but can't seem to find one, if at all there is one out there with my requirements.



  Stuartli 16:20 01 Apr 08

A top quality PVR at a price that's below its Panasonic competitors is Humax's PVR 9200T (the T represents Twin Tuner).

It's about to become available in black for £199 (a bit more expensive than the standard 160GB model, but has a 320GB drive).


click here

  BT 16:46 01 Apr 08

They have a WHARFEDALE 80GB HDD/DVD + Freeview at
click here
for just £59.99. I bought one last week and its a bargain.

  anchor 09:52 02 Apr 08

Wharfedale 80GB HDD/DVD :

I notice that these are NOT new. They are sold "as new", with only a 3 month warranty.

Hence the low price.

  pchelper001 13:45 02 Apr 08

i would like to recommend a humax, one of the best pvr's i have ever used.

  anchor 14:24 02 Apr 08

There have been numererous postings on these forums praising the Humax pvr.

However, if the price is a bit too high for you, here is another for you to consider that is less expensive:

click here

  Stuartli 15:58 02 Apr 08

Did you actually read my thread of 16:20 yesterday?

This Humax is now also in black, the colour scheme which fits what Dirty Dick is seeking to buy.

  pchelper001 16:03 02 Apr 08

yes, i did, i was merely adding to your praise for humax. I am sorry if you feel you were ignored.

  Stuartli 18:20 02 Apr 08

No, I didn't feel I was being ignored...:-)

But you did state: "i would like to recommend a humax, one of the best pvr's i have ever used."

That's a personal comment, rather than support...:-)

  pchelper001 18:29 02 Apr 08

i recommend that Dirty Dick buys a humax pvr as in reviews they have been found as excellent and the pvr that Stuartli found, will be perfectly suite for them.

  Stuartli 18:43 02 Apr 08

In actual fact I speak from personal experience of the Humax PVR 9200T (as well as various Panasonic models); like its Freeview set top box companion, the F2 FOX-T which has been around now for four years, it's regarded as one of the benchmarks.

One other point. The Humax is also sold as a re-badged Bush PVR - in a well known consumer products testing magazine the Bush notched up a 100 per cent reliability score in the latest annual subscribers' survey.

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