New Mobile

  RitchBee2009 23:36 18 Dec 08

Getting a new phone but can't choose between these 2

LG KC910 Renoir
Samsung Tocco 480

Any views?

  birdface 10:06 20 Dec 08

Have a look in here see if they are here

  birdface 10:11 20 Dec 08

Well the LG KC910 Renoir gets 5 stars and not many phones get that.So if I had to choose between the two of them.It would be the LG KC910 Renoir for me.

  restless 13:47 21 Dec 08

I got the Tocco last week,its a good enough phone but not as good as I had expected.The camera suffers quite bad in low light.I had looked at the renoir as the camera appealed to me but being female the size wasnt handbag friendly!I guess it depends on whats important to you in a phone.Touchscreen is a little tricky esp in texting but you do get used to it.I will say to look at sony C905 its very good,my friend got it and picture quality is fantastic.

  RitchBee2009 08:58 22 Dec 08

Cheers everyone
LG for me......

Merry xmas to one and all.

  daisy24 12:41 06 Feb 09

among these two tocco is better being of touchscreen with good camera and memory.

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