new ipod user - voice control

  sheila.weston 07 Jul 11

When I turn on my new ipod touch I get a screen saying 'voice control' before the screen showing the 'slide to unlock' comes up. What is the voice control screen for and can I bypss it? I have a voice problem, in any case and it is rather rubbing it in!

  Crosstrainer2 08 Jul 11

Yep, Tap settings > and locate voice control, swipe to off!

  sheila.weston 08 Jul 11

How do I find it? I have looked under 'Sounds', 'General' and several others, but it doesn't seem to be there.

  Crosstrainer2 08 Jul 11

You've ticked resolved box, I guess you found it?

  sheila.weston 08 Jul 11

Very sorry, I ticked in error. No, I still can't find it. What is it under?

  Crosstrainer2 09 Jul 11

This is for the phone, but is the same, also links for the iPod touch here too!

Should help, thread must have ticked itself....LOL!

  sheila.weston 09 Jul 11

May I add a ps to this? I had problems understanding the utube page mentioned and think that I have sorted this out using the page at

  Crosstrainer2 09 Jul 11

Glad your sorted out. Don't forget the Apple Communities sites, we won't bite :))


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