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  Daiol 20:38 01 Dec 07

Hi,I'm thinking about purchasing a new digital camera with a SD card format and AA power source,Now one thing is bothering me about the iso figures a mate told me if i was to get a new camera to get one with a high iso setting ie: 3200.Would this be correct?.Can someone please assist me on this.Thanks daiol.

  anskyber 07:58 02 Dec 07

This site is excellent and has some useful guides and camera recommendations. click here

  BT 08:27 02 Dec 07

A high ISO setting is only useful when taking pictures in poor lighting conditions. It is a measure of the sensitivity similar to the speed of conventional film. Like film the higher the number the 'Faster' the sensitivity is. Also like film the higher the number the more 'grainy' the image. The better criteria is the Megapixel rating- the higher the number the more quality you will get. Most modern Digital cameras have a range of ISO from about 50 to 1600 which is more than adequate, and for most purposes can be left set on Auto.
I wouldn't worry about the ISO ratings, go for a good Megapixel rating in the price range you are prepared to pay.

  anchor 15:09 02 Dec 07

On most compact digital cameras using 3200 ISO would make the picture awfully grainy, and in most cases unacceptable.

As BT stated, megapixel rating, optical zoom power, and certainly a good manufacturer are the criteria to look for.

If you give us an idea of your budget, we might be able to assist you more.

  Daiol 09:49 08 Dec 07

thanks for all your help i went for a samsung s1050,thanks all daiol.merry xmas.

  anchor 17:15 08 Dec 07

Happy picture taking; I am sure you will be pleased.

One comment I read was it is advisable to get some high capacity rechargeable Ni-Mh AA batteries. An SD card would be useful too.

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