Never bought a smart phone before, need help!

  barn 10 Aug 12

Hi all, I have between £150-£200 to spend on a sim free smart phone. I don't do contracts, as I don't phone or text much, but I want something to play with and be able to access web etc, so I want to put a Giffgaff sim in it. I'd like an android phone if possible, and something which takes half decent snaps.

If anyone has suggestions for which phone to go for, and where to get it, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


  sunnystaines 11 Aug 12

be careful of HTC phones great during first year from new, but many develop reboot problems where they get stuck in a cycle of rebooting frustrating if you want to make a call. I had one and everyone i know with one has gone to to develop this problem.

  Nontek 11 Aug 12


I hope that was just coincidence/bad-luck, my HTC Wildfire is just about 18months old, no problems so far!!

  sunnystaines 11 Aug 12


all htc desires that i know about covering two different editions. read somewhere that a batch of over 40,000 had the problem. did post at the time and htc forums an eye opener too.

  barn 11 Aug 12

Thanks for the input guys. I've been to Phones4u and they have a Huawei G300 which I can get as an upgrade for £140, but as it's unlocked I can put my Giffgaff sim in it no problem. This is a fairly new phone and according to reviews I've googled, it's pretty good for the cash.

Any thoughts out there? Any better ideas? I don't want to shell out a lot of cash for my first smartphone, and then find its rubbish!

I've been thinking about battery life as well, but according to the nice phones4u lady, a smart phone uses battery and all of them need charging daily or every two days, no matter which one you get. That seems a bit annoying!

Thanks again for any help people!

  tigertop2 03 Sep 12

suggest if you get an Android phone you should really be looking for Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4 as a minimum standard for the OS

  G-telware 05 Sep 12

Go with a dual sim smart phone. It will give you advance features as well as dual sim support........

  alibob1526 02 Oct 12

I personally bought a Huawei ascent g300, it seems a pretty good phone & costs £100 in Tesco's. It was locked to Vodaphone but after trying three different shops to get it unlocked without success,(including a high st. Vodaphone shop)I phoned Vodaphone who promptly gave me a number to input on the phone & after switching phone off, then switching back on, my own sim card(Asda) it worked OK. Asda is very cheap compared to all other company's for phone calls & texting. You say you do not want a contract but on making inquiries myself, I was told that PAYG,(which I am on) works out very expensive for internet or GPS usage, 64 pence a minute but a £5 contract is very good value.Hope this helps,(I am a novice smartphone user).


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