Network coverage issue with handset

  Munchkin 01 Feb 13

Due to network coverage issues I have been giving consideration to switching networks. Is it possible that a change of handset would make any difference to the signal I receive rather than changing network?

  Sizzers 03 Feb 13

Yes, as in the following example.

I've been on Three network for many years and because of the frequency that they use the signal reception in some buildings can be very poor or non-existent (the 2.1 Ghz frequency is the only one they have unlike the competition).

Up until two weeks ago I have only ever owned Nokia phones (all bought SIM free, changed every 18-24 months) when I decided to move in to the world of Android and purchased a Motorola, and frankly the reception is shocking in comparison. The reception is dramatically reduced in the house, being usually lost in the lounge and the data link periodically keeps disconnecting. In other places where I could at least get some kind of signal on my Nokia the Motorola hasn’t got a prayer.

Now although Nokia have always had an excellent reputation for signal reception it is very difficult to guage how a particular handset peforms from reviews alone (my Motorola being a case in point!) I’m not directing you to a particular handset but just making the point that different handsets will offer different performance as you will find in numerous examples from other user experience on the web.

A common cause of reception problems is the placement of the antenna at the base of the phone where most people hold it. Some people will remember the furore over the iPhone 4 dubbed “Antennagate”, which followed Steve Jobs telling users they were holding it the wrong way!!, which through experimentation is exactly what I’m experiencing with the Moto.


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