Netbook to TV Iplayer playback

  squirrelandgman 12:27 31 Jul 12


I am hoping to get all the on demand TV services on to my 26 inch LG LED monitor. At the moment I only have a Acer Aspire one netbook and so can only connect via VGA. This is all fine and the connection works no problems. Playback of avi files is perfect and working as I would hope but Iplayer, 4OD etc is extremely choppy on playback. The playback on the netbook is fine but the process of transferring it to the TV/Monitor via VGA leads to issues with what appears to be the frame rate. Any ideas what this could be and how I could get around it would be greatly appreciated.

  dms_05 14:07 02 Aug 12

I've experienced exactly the same problem (netbook to 40" TV at 19201080 resolution). The same netbook powering my 22" 19201080 LCS screen works fine. I have improved matters by using the best VGA cable I could find but I still get judder. My BB line is 20 Mb/sec and using Homeplugs at my TV location I can stream iPlayer HD without a problem so 4oD should be very easy for the netbook. I've come to the conclusion the netbook is simply underpowered for the job.

  dms_05 14:09 02 Aug 12

Sorry - should have said streaming iPlayer through my Sony TV iPlayer App is OK even at higher resolution.

  Aime 09:54 30 Aug 12

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