napster & permanent MP3 downloads

  ashtondav 12:57 10 Nov 05


I am very new to this and have tried a search...

... i understand that for about £15 a month I can download loads of tracks from Napster on to my MP3 player. What happens if I stop my subscription? Their site implies i lose all my MP3 tracks!!! How do they do this??? Will i have to pay the subscription all my life if I want to keep my recordings?

Thanks for any help


  Patsy999 12:46 22 Nov 05

well the idea is you are ment to delete the tracks i think. either that or what you have downloading within your subsciption period are yours and you can keep them.

put it this way theres no way they can take them back once you have them on you mp3 player or a cd for that matter.


The tracks simply stop working if you cancel your subscription.

You have to sync. your MP3 player with your PC every month which gives the tracks the "right to play" for another month.

Not all MP3 players have the DRM technology to do this so if they don't the tracks will not play at all so make sure your MP3 player is compatable.

  PaulB2005 16:19 06 Dec 05

So is it unlimited downloads then?

  PaulB2005 16:21 06 Dec 05

I'll answer my own question - Yes.

FAQ - click here



Members can also buy tracks to keep forever to burn to CD or transfer to a compatible MP3 player. Members can pay as low as 68p a track when they purchase multiple songs in bulk with Napster Tracks Packs.

It is unlimited downloads as long as you pay the subscribtion. As soon as you stop, all the songs you've downloaded stop working.

You can only burn them to CD by paying the 79p or whatever it is a track. Even if your a subscriber you sill have to pay it. This also applies if you want to transfere them to an MP3 player that is not Napster-to-go compatable.

  PaulB2005 22:39 07 Dec 05

Wow - so i won't be used Napster either....

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