n80 feedback

  rossgolf 18:40 05 Dec 07

im looking to buy the n80
1. has anyone used this and is it any good
2.is there a beter fone than this about the same price
3.has is got gps and wifi?

hi rossgolf i had this phone for a while and was realy happy with it you can get great games browse the web with wifi install a number of applications including tom tom..but like most things i saw a better model after i bought it and then upgraded to an n95 which is roughly the same but with bigger screen and a few more bells and whistles..:) no matter what you buy buy the best you can afford and most suitable for you..but like i said theres always the next best thing around the corner kind regards akanic

  josie mayhem 15:58 10 Apr 08

I had the n80 a while ago, I hated it the battery life was dismal beyond believe, it would only hold a charge for a couple of days if you wee very lucky and didn't want to use the radio mp3 player etc...

  Demora 22:22 11 Apr 08

Same with the n95.

Sony Ericsson phones seem to hold charge better than Nokia's smartphones. I had a P910i and that would go for a week plus even when I p[layed the odd game or video. Also you can create and edit the office files on the Sony smartphones without haveing to pay to upgrade the 'Quick Office'


  martd77 12:27 14 May 08

I had this for a few weeks decent looking and usable but a bit bulky for me,changed to the n82,no problems,5mp camera,sat nav etc the only dislike is that the media button is easily pressed as its situated between the cancel and internet buttons,bit tight!
The phones nice though

  birdface 14:43 30 May 08

The 2 star phone rating would put me off buying it.Look at the other phone ratings and you may pick a better one.click here

  birdface 14:46 30 May 08

Did not notice this was an old thread.no doubt already purchaced a new one.I wish folk would stop opening up old threads.I can't see the reason why.

buteman " wish folk would stop opening up old threads" mabey the poster should of ticked it then ?????

  rossgolf 22:48 31 May 08

ill tick as resolved as i have had this phone now for about 5 months.

keep forgetting :D

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